The Weeknd – “Can’t Feel My Face” (prod. by Max Martin)

The Weeknd performs on the Today show.

After so many months away (and I really wasn’t away or not desirous of posting… you know…life and shit), I found a song to inspire me to write very quickly and succinctly. After all for the first 43 seconds, this was the warbling, woozy Weeknd shit I was used to and ready to accept as another waypoint to his next album. Then the beat drops and the bassline erupts into this pop-R&B ready made hit for the summmer. Almost too good for the summer despite all the right ingredients:

  • On the rise R&B singer fresh off a crossover hit…check
  • It’s got a nice beat and you can dance to it…check
  • The hook is catchy enough for even the most base people in the world…check
  • Overt drug references right up the title of the record…check
  • Pop star appeal with reasonable looks and passable dance moves……..hold up now!

Because Abel Tesfaye is still Canadian cipher still sporting that Egyptian palm tree on his head. And I’ve never seen him dance. Hell I’ve never seen The Weeknd do anything but stare directly at the camera while his head is turned at some profile angle and chin raised high. But if Katy Perry can make dance songs while she merely poses rhythmically, I’m sure bigwigs will find a way to get him to do the same ol 2-step or something.
(ViewHipHop / Spin / Stereogum)

edit 6/16/2015: The RIAA tried to drop the banhammer on me, so here’s the YouChoob version. Also song title is corrected.

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