Wretch 32 & Avelino – “Hulk Hogan” Feb04


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Wretch 32 & Avelino – “Hulk Hogan”

Wretch 32 & Avelino - Young Fire, Old Flame

Every real American knows who Hulk Hogan was as a wrestler and entertainer. Some may know Hulk Hogan as a reality star. Others may know Hulk Hogan from a sex tape with his friend’s wife. And many remember that during the sex tape Hulk Hogan loves saying “nigger” in the company of other white folks. (Although Hogan has been known to be called a “nigga” by The Blacks.)

Thanks to Beats 1 Radio, I get to listen to way more British rap music than I care to ever listen to on a daily basis. I’m not a big fan of the patois, the grime, the lack of common subject matter between their British life and my American upbringing. Roots Manuva, Dizzee Rascal, that white guy Pitchfork used to love, and I really didn’t care for their interpretation of hip hop.

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I’ve gone a long way before introducing Wretch 32 & Avelino and their mixtape, Young Fire, Old Flame, released in December. Wretch 32 is a veteran in the UK rap game, although I can tell by his recent videos, he’s gone the uplifting sing-songy route. It’s pretty far from wavy.

As for Avelino, I got nothing. Except for this track “Hulk Hogan” which I knew a goddamn hit the moment the hook came in.

Ripped jeans and the way the leg drop like<br> My nigga Hulk Hogan<br> My nigga Hulk Hogan<br> My nigga Hulk Hogan
― Wretch 32 (Ft. Avelino) – Hulk Hogan

Wizzy Wow’s production rivals anything that the top American trap producers are making right now. The keys create a languid atmosphere while Wretch 32 and Avelino drop the stripper anthem we didn’t expect from the UK. But “Hulk Hogan” is the stripper anthem America needs right now!

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