RIP Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire Feb05


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RIP Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire

Earth, Wind & Fire

There are a lot of kind words being said about bandleader and R&B innovator, Maurice White, yesterday and today. His band, Earth, Wind & Fire, is one of the few musical acts before my time that I enjoyed from the very beginning. My father regularly played their songs on the record player. But it wasn’t until I was older and appreciated the depth of their catalog, realized there were two lead vocalists (Maurice White and Philip Bailey), and realized their impact on the rap music I have always enjoyed.

All night I have been playing EWF, first the hits, then watch the crazy videos and romping live performances, and now the deep album cuts. Knowing that Maurice was never afraid to incorporate musical influences from so many other genres adds to my reverence of the man. Rest in power, Maurice White. Dear reader, please enjoy the work of Earth, Wind & Fire and their leader, Maurice White.

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